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Products Kit 2 Psittacus

Hand feeding formula kit


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• High Protein hand-feeding formula 1 kg – 16 units (2 box)

• Mini hand-feeding formula 1 kg – 16 units (2 boxes)

• Mini hand-feeding formula 350 g – 20 units (1 box)

• High Energy hand-feeding formula 1 kg – 24 units (3 boxes)

• Lory Special hand-feeding formula 1 kg – 8 units (1 box)


    Pack of hand-feeding formulas addressed to pet owners consumption. These hand-feeding formulas correspond to the third phase of growth: from moment pinfeathers begin to emerge until weaning.

    The products and quantities have been selected based on the best-selling products, the most common pet birds, and a common stock rotation in general terms. If you consider that your customers have different needs, we invite you to use this kit as a reference.

    Weight 71 kg
    Dimensions 710 × 2170 × 1168 cm