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Hand Feeding Granivorous Pigeon



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Suitable for hand-rearing granivorous pigeons, including all the domestic pigeon’s species (Columba livia domestica), from the first week of life until weaning.

Suitable for hand-rearing of chicks of granivorous columbiform species.

It is a follow-on hand-feeding formula that should gradually replace the Crop Milk (Pigeon Crop Milk), supplied during the first days of life. Its use is recommended until the weaning of the chicks.

It should be prepared with lukewarm water (35-38ºC; 95-101ºF) with the sufficient concentration to achieve a creamy texture (approximately 20-25% solids concentration). This is a coarse-grained product.

The rapid growth of the chicks makes it difficult to determine the optimal number of feeding intakes. The speed of food transit in each individual is what finally determines the number of intakes. The large capacity of the crop of the columbiformes gives rise to a certain risk of overfeeding the chicks, which should be avoided.

It is important that the crop is completely empty in the morning, before the first feeding intake of the day.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Analytical constituents

Crude protein 21,0 %, Crude fat 9,0 %, Crude fibre 5,9 %, Crude ash 5,9 %

Net Weight

2.2 lb

Physiological state



Domestic pigeon


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