soft tube 5mlsoft tube 5ml



This product includes only ONE red soft tube and syringe of the size identified.

Soft feeding tubes are the ideal complement for supplying hand-feeding formulas to psittacine birds from an early age.

They have a rounded tip and a soft texture which facilitate their swallowing.


    Soft feeding tubes are high quality utensils. They have a rounded tip and are extremely resistant and long-lasting. The rounded tip facilitates swallowing by the chicks.

    Using a soft feeding tube is the safest and cleanest method to administer hand-feeding formula.

    The different diameters of soft feeding tubes allow the hand-feeding formula to be administered to different psittacine species at each moment of their development.

    Thus, for example, for African gray parrots the 5 ml soft tube is suitable for administering the hand-feeding formula to babies up to 7 days old. The 10 ml soft feeding tube is ideal for African grey parrots up to 14 days of age; that of 20 ml is for chicks up to 4 weeks of age and from the month of age it is recommended to use the 50 ml soft feeding tube.

    In the case of cockatiels, on the other hand, the soft tube to be used when pin feathers begin to emerge, time when chicks are usually removed from the nest, is the 10 ml soft feeding tube. Later on, the 20 ml soft tube will useful for us.

    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 1.5 × 13 × 31.5 cm

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