Formulated for hand-rearing psittacine birds of the Loriini tribe from the moment pin feathers emerge until weaning.


Formulated to hand-rear chicks of the Loriini tribe. It contains dehydrated hibiscus flower and papaya which aids the digestive transit.

It is a follow-on hand-feeding formula formulated to constitute 100 % of the chick’s diet. It should be fed from the moment pin feathers emerge until weaning.

It is advisable to prepare the formula with lukewarm water at a concentration of approximately 25 % solids. It is recommended to administer the formula with a soft feeding tube.

For younger animals it is advisable to use a first age hand-feeding formula like the Frugivorous psittacine crop milk or the Frugivorous Neonatal Hand Feeding (depending on the age of the chick).

At weaning switch progressively to Lory Gel and Lory Nectar.

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