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PSI 56 220 V (Dry) Disruptive Incubator


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The Psittacus Disruptive PSI 56 Incubator complies with all current safety regulations. Incorrect handling may cause material damages and personal injuries.
Professional, robust, reliable and silent incubator.
Capacity: 56 eggs (medium size).
Easy access door and wide visibility / Dry version / Temperature and humidity control / Height adjustable rods / LED interior light / LCD display / 110 V-220 V.
Automatic turning program / Periodic cooling program / Exclusive High Airflow System.
Optional: Telephone warning system / Humidity kit / Calibration thermometer.



    • Single Phase 230V-50 / 60Hz
    • Maximum power consumption 80W/h


    • One-piece double wall
    • Made of antistatic material
    • Stainless Steel
    • Programmable natural cooling system
    • Proportional-Integral Derivative Control
    • Programmable automatic natural turning system
    • Programmable High Airflow Exclusive System
    Weight 19.2 kg
    Dimensions 59 × 35 × 40 cm
    Net Weight PSI 56 220 V (Dry)
    Data sheet Download Incubator 220V Dry
    Instruction manual Download
    Catalogues Catalogue Psittacus, Catalogue Serinus


    DISRUPTIVE PSI-56 Incubator. Video tutorial: how it works and how to program it

    Disruptive incubators, the new technology

    DISRUPTIVE PSI-56 incubator Video tutorial: how it works and how to program it