Psittacus Vitamin MineralPsittacus Vitamin Mineral



Vitamin and mineral supplement for granivorous psittacine birds.

Formulated to correct vitamin, mineral and trace element deficiencies in seed mixtures.


Vitamin-Mineral Supplement is a complementary product for granivorous psittacine birds.

It is formulated to correct vitamin, mineral and trace element deficiencies inherent in seed mixtures. This powdered product is designed to be incorporated to the moist part of the diet like sprouts, boiled seeds, fruit and vegetables.

It is necessary that the supplement adheres to food. Before or during the mixing process, it should be sprinkled on the wet ingredients of the diet (sprouts, cooked ingredients, fruit and vegetables) or on the whole diet if it contains wet ingredients.

In animals whose diet is mixed and contains a proportion of complete feed, we recommend limiting the use of Vitamin-Mineral Supplement to balance nutritionally the percentage of the diet corresponding to seeds.

Daily dose should be 4 % of the dry weight of the non-balanced part of the diet (seeds, sprouts, fruit, vegetables). For example, 1 kg of fruit should be supplemented with 2 g of Vitamin-Mineral Supplement, whereas 1 kg of seeds should be supplemented with 36 g of Vitamin-Mineral Supplement.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Granivorous psittacines

Net Weight

0.22 lb (100 g), 1.54 lb (700 g)

Physiological state

Any status

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 30,0 %, Crude fat 9,0 %, Crude fibre 3,7 %, Crude ash 17,0 %


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