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Wild Birds Breeding Serinus Texture
Texture Wild Birds Breeding
Wild Birds Breeding Texture



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Complete breeding food for wild birds of the finches family (goldfinches, greenfinches, finches…).
Indicated for the reproductive stage, to facilitate moulting and to promote mating of singing males.

Recommended for wild birds of the Fringilidae family. Serinus formulas are complete foods.

The birds obtain all the nutrients necessary for optimum health, excellent vigor and a superb quality of plumage. The breeding formula is indicated to constitute the basis of the diet during the breeding season, from one month before the beginning of the breeding season until the molt is complete. For ornamental and singing animals it will be supplied to facilitate the molting and to promote mating of the singing males.

Alternatively, it can be used with seeds in mixed diets. It is advisable to supply vegetable leaves periodically in order to give variety to the diet. It should be fed dry and in feeders with mesh. Daily consumption: Approximately 3-4 g per day per bird.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Net Weight 2.2 lb, 2.2 lb x 8 units, 11 lb, 11 lb x 2 units
Physiological state En reproducción
Composición básica: PB: 25\, 0%, GB: 20\, 0%, FB: 3\, 0%, Cenizas: 7\, 0%


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